Major State and Federal Trials

  • Acquittal of Richard Vitale on federal honest services charges in corruption case involving former Massachusetts Speaker of the House Salvatore DiMasi
  • Acquittal of owner of a major dairy company charged with federal conspiracy to defraud the IRS charges
  • Acquittal of Boston real estate developer on over 100 counts of federal money laundering
  • Dismissal of charges against Youngstown Ohio real estate developer alleged to have bribed and conspired with public officials
  • Acquittal of Miami criminal defense attorney on RICO conspiracy charges
  • Dismissal of bank and wire fraud charges against business owner on Speedy Trial grounds due to delay between indictment and his arrest returning to US from India
  • Representation of Vincent Ferrara, whose conviction of RICO murder was vacated on a habeas corpus petition based on a determination that the federal prosecutor had concealed exculpatory evidence from the defendant
  • Lead trial attorney in Ohio trial involving CEO charged with money laundering, bank and wire fraud which resulted in appellate decision applying the Fourth Amendment to the seizure of e-mails from ISPs
  • Lead attorney representing executives in health care investigations in the District of Massachusetts which did not result in criminal prosecution
  • Representation of a nationally known physician who was sentenced to probation for obstruction of a health care fraud investigation
  • Representation of a New York businessman who successfully quashed grand jury business record subpoenas on Fourth and Fifth Amendment grounds
  • One of a team of attorneys who challenged a RICO conspiracy indictment on the bases that the FBI had authorized illegal conduct by its informants
  • One of a team of attorneys who negotiated a federal Non-Prosecution Agreement for a well-known New York investment advisor
  • One of a team of attorneys who negotiated a no-jail misprison plea for a well-known Las Vegas surgeon charged with conspiring with personal injury lawyers to commit honest services and mail fraud
  • Negotiated probation sentence for financial advisor charged with stock fraud
  • Successful representation of an investment analyst on charges of traveling interstate with the intent of engaging in illegal sexual conduct

A Legal Leader

 “The No. 1 Lawyer in the City.”

—Howie Carr, Boston Herald, 6-16-11

“Marty Weinberg…[part of a] Fourth Amendment dream team [who] understands the Constitution and the Bill of Rights still reign as the supreme law of the land.”

NACDL President Jim Lavine, 12-15-10
upon 6th Circuit ruling that protected emails
from warrantless government surveillance

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Groundbreaking Opinion

“The extension of the Fourth Amendment to emails is a groundbreaking opinion that is of pivotal importance in terms of protecting privacy in the Internet Age.”

—Weinberg quoted by AP following Warshak decision


“[Warshak] … may someday be seen as a watershed moment in the extension of our Constitutional rights to the Internet.”

— Law Professor Paul Ohm

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